"As an artist and a writer, I am influenced by the astrological archetypes directly, as they live and exist as symbols within our consciousness.  They help bring to our awareness, what Mircea Eliade would call, 'the non-historical part of ourselves,' the hidden primordial aspects of our humanity. I engage with them directly through my creative process."

~Mijanou Montealegre | MYSTIC MAMMA 

MYSTIC MAMMA | Mijanou Montealegre

Mijanou Montealegre is an artist, a writer, a mystic, and the founder of MYSTICMAMMA.COM, a visionary website in the field of Consciousness and Spirituality, that since 2011 has served as a well of collective wisdom, guidance and inspiration.



Mijanou was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1974.  In 1978, because of the civil war, her family fled to Costa Rica where they resided until she was ten years old. In 1984, they relocated to Los Angeles, California where she grew up her teenage years. She later moved to New York City where she settled for 12 years.

She currently resides in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California, ancestral lands of the Chumash and Tongva people, co-parenting her two children who are 7 and 15 years old.

Mijanou holds BA Degrees in both Studio Art and World Religions, with a minor in Anthropology, from Hunter College of NY, where she graduated as Salutatorian, Summa Cum Laude, and Phi Beta Kappa.

Her theological studies informed her early work in printmaking and video art. Her video art installations sought to give form to the invisible and multidimensional aspects of the material world. 

From 2009-2011 Mijanou birthed the leading edge website MYSTIC MAMMA, creating all aspects of it from web design, writing, Art creation and curation, modernizing Spirituality not only with a fresh contemporary aesthetic but redefining it with a new vision for the collective as a planetary family reclaiming our connection with our Mother Earth.

MYSTIC MAMMA launched as a living well of MM's personally gathered Wisdom, Astral Insights, Consciousness videos, and Women's Wisdom, including the Spiritual aspects of Birth, and Motherhood as a Rite of Passage.

For over 10 years, MYSTIC MAMMA's Astral Insights, served as energetic news reports for every NEW MOON and FULL MOON.

MM Astral Insights helped popularize and legitimize astrology by evolving it out of the previous personal zodiac horoscopes of the past, and instead, spoke to the collective as a whole re-awakening our intimate relationship to the cycles of the Moon and the planets.

Solely by word of mouth, MM Astral Insights grew in popularity through their resonance and were dedicatedly read by millions across the planet.

Her writing has been featured in the Huffington Post on the evolution of consciousness, our re-connection to the Earth and the Feminine principle within all of Creation.

Since 2014, MM began creating Digital Art Collages which featured women as embodiments of the archetypal energies of the Zodiac and their visceral relationship with the Moon.

Her definitive aesthetic and style has influenced an iteration of collage artists whose work echoes her own recognizable style.

In December 2020, five of Montealegre's Artworks, as well as her writing, were published in TASCHEN'S Library of Esoterica's Anthology on the visual history of ASTROLOGY Art.

In the Fall of 2021, she dropped her debut collection of MYSTIC MAMMA NFTS, which were embedded with the feminine consciousness of reciprocity and 22% of profits will go toward protecting the Amazon, the lungs of our planet, through AMAZON WATCH who work with indigenous communities in the Amazon.

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::: ARTIST CV :::


2004 BA in Studio Art +

2004 BA in Religious Studies

Hunter College of New York City

Graduated Salutatorian, Summa Cum Laude,

Phi Beta Kappa


Selected Exhibitions

2005  Group ExhibitionStyle Sessions, MILK Gallery, New York, New York, “Dreamcatcher,”  large hanging sculpture made from skateboards.

2011  Group Exhibition/ Public ArtBig Screen Project, public plaza on Sixth Avenue between 29th and 30th Street in New York City, screening of “The Subtle Bodies of Bala Laika.”



2005  Art Commission for Los Angeles Boutique DES KOHAN, Shounin, permanent Video Art installation, Los Angeles, CA



“Astrology”, TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, visual history of Western astrology, Five Collage works as well as interview. Release: December 2020