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*This is a DIGITAL OFFERING you will be able to download and access immediately upon purchase.

i am love : love is who i am

Words are vibrations that cast ripples.
With our words, we create our world.

I'm so excited to share with you a new digital offering I've created that is both tangible and vibrational infused with the frequency of love.


~words of love~ is a digital bundle of my words of love that includes a collection of 24 ~words of love~ as 3" x 3" CARDS and 5" x 7" PRINTS to be placed in special nooks in our homes and living spaces as visual reminders for us to return to love again and again.

Also included is my i am love : love is who i am channeled AFFIRMATION, meant to be spoken by each of us, designed into a simple but sweet booklet to be kept handy in our sacred spaces.

Included in this bundle as a little extra bonus is an MP3 of me reciting the I am love : love is who i am AFFIRMATION, in case you want to listen to it too!


These ~words of love~ are for us to remember who we are and why we are here...

We are here to love and
we are the power of love
that lives within us


WORDS OF LOVE Digital bundle includes:

-PRINTABLE CARDS : Visual reminders of love to be placed in our living spaces...

24~ Altar Cards sized 3" x 3"

24~ 5"x 7" Print size Cards which can be printed and framed or used as postcards.

These are delivered as 2 separate PDF files, one featuring the cards in color, and the other in B&W.

- i am love : love is who i am AFFIRMATION printable booklet + MP3

A channeled affirmation on love that can be printed out and folded into a sweet booklet.

These affirmations are meant to be spoken out loud by each of us, in our own voice. These are tuning words of love, that came through as a simple but potent download.

Included is also a simple 7 minute MP3 recording of the affirmations.

In total, you will receive 3 PDFS + an MP3 file immediately downloadable after purchase.




These can all be printed out on your home printer.

For best feel for cards, I would recommend a thicker cardstock paper but you can use regular paper too, specially for the Affirmations. You can use white paper and print them out in color I designed, or in black and white, or on any color paper for custom feel!

Cards may also be printed on a sticker paper too, cut out, and used as stickers.

Affirmation Booklet can be folded in half and you can tie a simple string around the crease and tie together. You can print on regular paper and the cover in thicker card stock if you wish too. See photos for inspiration.

Also FYI additional details, the Affirmation Booklet, like the Card Printables, is super simple to print and is to be printed on regular letter size paper in actual size, no need for any special printer modes. It was designed to be super simple and print on one side of page only. So when you have the stack of pages printed simply fold at the middle tucking the left part of the page back so the cover is on the front. The additional pages at the back can be used to write your own affirmations in.

 *PLEASE NOTE: The color of cards may vary per conditions of printers, papers, and light.


::: Please note these printable cards are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Please do not sell, or redistribute the purchased files in any way. Purchasing of this printable does not transfer any rights. All words and art remains Copyright of MYSTIC MAMMA | Mijanou Montealegre.